We organize various musical events to celebrate Indian culture and traditions to instill confidence in our students by providing them with a platform for participation. We get them prepared with regular live perforance rehearsal excercises.


Every event involves performance participation by Veteran Musicians

Milind Paranjpe

Adwait Kashikar

Hemant Kirkire

Pandit Anand Kashikar

Praveen Sane

Swapnil Paranjpe

Ram Navami Program 2024 at Ram Mandir, Goregaon

Megh Shyam: A live performance event based on Sri Krishna's Folk music and celebrating monsoon

Jai Shardhe Vageshwari: A live performance on the ocassion of Diwali festival

Thumri Workshop

Bhaktinaad: An event of Bhajan's & Hymns

Guru Poornima: An event to celebrate Guru Poornima