Final-Logo.pngAcademic Structure

The academic structure has been so designed to prepare and fine tune talent to be successful performers in various kinds of Indian Music.

Course Details

INDIAN CLASSICAL VOCAL ( Exam Oriented Training )

  • Level 1 | Includes basic sur exercises with 8 raagas & 4 taalas with 1 bandish in each.
    + 1 Swaramalika, 1 Lakshangeet & 1 song based on any Raaga.
  • Level 2 | Raags with aalap-taan.
    Course designed as per ABGMV Manda
  • Level 3 to 7 | As per ABGMV Mandal

LIGHT MUSIC ( Performance Oriented Training )

Voice Exercises, Swar Exercises, 5 forms of Music
1) Classical Based 2) Folks 3) Bhajan 4) Ghazal 5) Thumris / Dadras


Customized - 6 months courses of 24 sessions custom designed to enable the student to perform in small gatherings.


Finger Exercises, notes, scales, chords, formats of scales i.e. open, extended & condensed, Major & Minor Scales & Chords, Shifting of Chords.

Few tunes like the National Anthem, Rhymes for Children, Popular Film Songs with Melody & Chords of all with NOTATIONS in C,D,E,F,G,A,B & frett nos. format.

HARMONIUM ( Both Exam & Performance Oriented Training )

Basic Finger Exercises, Scales, Chords.
For performance oriented training, inclusive of tunes like Rhymes, National Anthem, Popular Film Songs.
For exam oriented training - courses designed as per ABGMV Syllabus for 1 year.


6 months course on week days for Senior Citizens
Admission fees Rs.800/- when enrolling for the course.
Mon - Wed - Friday | 10:00AM - 1:00PM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Choose one of the two timing options:
Option 1: Once a week course - fees Rs. 800/- per month
Option 2: Twice a week course - Rs. 1200/- per month


Learn any  four to six songs with the basics including karaoke tracks as per your scale/pitch..
Wed - Thursday - Friday | Timings 10.00AM - 1:00PM
If students wishes to have the recorded tracks after the completion of the learning sessions, it would be charged separately.
Course Once a week - Fees Rs.1500/- per month..

Weekday batches for Kids wishing to learn Indian Classical and Light music.
Mon - Wed - Friday | 10:00AM - 1:00PM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Once a week course - fees Rs. 1200/- admission fees + Rs. 1200/- per month.


  • Admission Fee - Rs 1200/- ( Across All Courses )
  • Indian Classical Courses - Vocals, Tabla & Harmonium require a minimum of 54 sessions of 1 hour each ( spread over 12 months ) : Rs 16,200/-
  • Instrumental Courses - Guitar & Keyboards - of 24 sessions of 1 hour each ( spread over 6 months ): Rs 7,200/-
  • Special Fees are on offer for Senior Citizens.

* Fees for the Year 2019. Please note that all fees have to be paid strictly in advance.

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